Moving Large Piles Of Dry Soil And Gravel? Consider These Tips

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If you need to move large piles of dry soil and gravel from your construction site, you must find a way to do so quickly. Soil and gravel can be great additions in some cases, such as stopping erosion or preventing water problems, but the substances might not be good for some large building projects. You may also wish to donate or reuse your soil and gravel instead of simply discard it. Here are some things you can do with the soil and gravel blocking your building site.

Donate Your Soil and Gravel

If you don't plan to use the dry soil or gravel in your building site for anything else, consider donating one or both substances. There are some schools, agricultural companies, and other entities that use and require soil and gravel for their needs. 

Before you donate your soil and gravel, be sure it's free of weeds and other contaminants. Entities seeking soil and gravel for their gardens or land may need clean, healthy soil and gravel for their projects. If you choose to sell your soil and gravel, consider reaching out to a delivery company to assist you. You may need to charge a small fee for your soil and gravel to compensate for the expenses you may incur from using an outside delivery source.

If donating your soil and gravel isn't something that appeals to you, consider reusing or repurposing the items instead.

Reuse Your Soil and Gravel

Reusing your dry soil and gravel for other purposes in your building project may be something you can look into, especially if you plan to install a trench or drainage system around your new building. In this case, you can reach out to a company that offers dry suction (or air knife) excavation services.

Dry suction excavation allows you to excavate and loosen up numerous types of substances with air instead of water. The loose materials are generally vacuumed up afterward. You can also reuse the substances to fill in areas around your construction site that a protection from the elements, extra height, or more stability, such as a French drain system or a raised berm. 

If dry suction isn't an option for you, a company may have other excavation services available that work better for you. Don't hesitate to convey your concerns or needs to an excavation company right away.

For more information on how to move your large piles of dry soil and gravel, consult an excavation contractor today.


17 December 2019

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