Making Your Landscaping Easier To Maintain With A Sprinkler System

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The addition of a sprinkler system will be able to make it much easier to effectively water your lawn, flower beds, or other parts of your landscaping. While a sprinkler system can make watering your landscaping much easier, it will be a significant undertaking to install one of these systems on your property, specifically when it comes to sprinkler system trenching. However, being thoughtful and informed when starting this project can make it easier to avoid problems that could arise.

Be Strategic With Where You Install The Sprinkler System

In order to install an inground sprinkler system, you will need to have the sprinkler system installed in the ground. As a result of this, you will need to be thoughtful and strategic when it comes to the place of these systems so that you can cover as much of the property as possible with the sprinklers while limiting the installation costs and work that will be required. For example, careful positioning may allow for multiple flower beds to be watered by the same sprinkler head.

Ensure The Sprinklers Are Installed Deep Enough

A common mistake that can be made when installing sprinklers will be failing to install them deep enough in the ground. This can increase the risk of the sprinklers or the tubing that connects them to the water source becoming damaged. One of the most common sources of this type of damage can be the soil freezing and putting too much pressure on these components or even freezing any water that is left in the piping. In order to avoid these potential problems, the sprinkler system will need to be installed at least a foot below the surface of the soil. This will provide enough soil to insulate the tubing from freezing temperatures and other common sources of damage.

Use A Professional Sprinkler System Trenching Service

Digging the trenching for the sprinkler piping can be the most laborious part of this process as it will require digging many feet of trenches that are at least a foot deep. Working with a professional sprinkler trenching service will allow you to outsource this work to professionals. These services will have the equipment needed to quickly and effectively dig the trenches. Furthermore, these services will also be able to dispose of any excess soil that will be leftover once the sprinkler pipes have been installed. Depending on the size of the sprinkler system that you will be installed, this can amount to a sizable amount of soil.


7 May 2020

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