Marine Construction Guide To Prepare Your Project With Dredging And Temporary Barriers

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If you are planning on building a marine structure, there may be a lot of work that needs to be done to prepare the site. One of the major tasks that need to be done is the construction site dredging. When the dredging is done, there is also going to be other work that needs to be done to keep water and sediments out of the site while construction is being done. The following guide to marine construction dredging will help you prepare the site.

Start By Building The Temporary Levy Structures That Will Keep Sediments Out Of The Project Site

The first step in preparing the site will be building temporary levy systems that will keep the water out of the site. The levy systems may also divert water and sediments temporarily while the work on the site is being done. These should be civil engineering structures that are designed to withstand the water and sediments where marine construction is being done.

Delivery Of The Construction Dredging Equipment To Begin Moving Sediments From The Site

After the levy work has begun, it will be time to bring in the dredging equipment. The dredging equipment may need to be delivered and assembled on-site for larger projects, or it could be a smaller dredge and pump equipment that is delivered. You will want to talk to the construction dredging service about the type of equipment that will be needed for your project.

Installation Of Pumps and Equipment To Begin Removing Water From The Construction Site

You may also need to have specially designed dredging pumps installed. These pumps will be used to keep water and sediment out of the construction site while work is being done. You may want to talk with the construction dredging service about the size and type of pumps that will be needed for your project.

Shoring and Temporary Barriers To Begin Construction Of The Foundation Of Marine Structures

Once the dredging work has been started, there will also be shoring and temporary barrier systems that will need to be installed. These systems will be installed for the installation of the foundations of the marine structures to prepare for the construction phase of the project and begin building.

These are some tips that will help you prepare for marine construction with dredging and temporary barrier systems. If you are ready to break ground on a new project, contact a construction site dredging service to start preparations.


15 May 2020

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