Why You Might Want A Shower Niche Installed In Your Bathroom

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A shower niche is an indentation into the wall of the shower that allows for additional storage space. It's either pre-fabricated or custom-built. Think of it as a little cubby hole where you can put your things while you get clean. If your current bathroom and shower setup does not have a shower niche, here are just some of the reasons why you might want to contact a local contractor to get one installed today.

Increase Organization and Reduce Clutter

The most obvious and perhaps best benefit to installing a shower niche is that it gives you a dedicated spot for all of your shower stuff. If you have soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving razors, a loofah, or anything else in your shower, this could create a cluttered environment if you are just setting it down on the sides of the tub. Once the shower niche is installed, you won't have to turn every which way in the shower to see where you put the item you need the last time you were in there. You'll be able to find what you need, get yourself clean, put it back in the niche, and move on to the next step of your self-care routine.

Less Clutter Means a Better-Looking Shower

Keeping all of your stuff in one spot so as to reduce clutter isn't just more convenient for you; it's also more visually appealing to anyone who glances into the shower. A shower niche that keeps your stuff organized simply looks good. In fact, this may be a way to transform the look of your bathroom without going through a major renovation.

Keep Your Stuff at the Right Height

Beyond just organization and visual appeal, a shower niche could also make your daily routine more efficient or at least easier on your back. If you or your spouse are especially tall, it could be cumbersome to constantly have to reach all the way down to the side of the tub every time you want to pick up a new self-care item. A shower niche can be installed with multiple shelves, and the tallest person in the family can keep all of their shower items on the top shelf for added convenience.

Have Fun With It

Shower niches could be just big enough for your self-care products, or they could be much wider and deeper if desired. Install a waterproof radio or TV setup right inside the niche so you can enjoy some entertainment while you get clean. Contact a shower niche expert today for more information


27 May 2020

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