Increase Or Upgrade Work Zone Equipment

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Overseeing a roadway construction crew requires constant planning and monitoring. Not only do you need to make sure that your team of workers is supplied with the materials that they need to do their job in a safe manner, but you also have to be focused on possible scenarios that could be hazardous and ways to alert motorists to an ongoing project or a traffic diversion. Before beginning a new project, take inventory of the work zone equipment that is at your disposal and purchase new items if needed.

Increased Signage

Signage that is designed for work zones is brightly colored and contains dark lettering that motorists can easily read, but some signage styles are more prominent than others, and some styles could be easier to distinguish than other types. If your crew has been using the same signage for multiple years, some of the signs may be slightly dented or maybe the posts or braces that the signs are connected to have come loose.

Even if you have adequate signage at your disposal, it doesn't hurt to increase the amount you have, especially if a long stretch of a road is being repaired or if a roadway is windy and motorists will virtually come upon a project without much notice. Purchase signs that can be placed along the side of each roadway and look into digital models that you can program with the messages that you would like to get out to the public.

For instance, if there is the possibility of falling rocks or flooding in one area that is being tended to by your construction crew, being able to give motorists this information in detail may be greatly beneficial. 

Different Models That Are More Effective

Contemplate the work zone equipment that usually tips over or that has caused some confusion in the past. If you usually instruct your work crew to use large barrels or cones and some drivers have failed to see them or wound up driving into them, another type of sign may be more beneficial. There are different types of anchoring devices, including bases, racking systems, and poles.

Choose a combination that will not only work for the applications that will be addressed, but that will also be convenient for your crew members to haul around in their vehicles. Before each work assignment begins and motorists are allowed to drive through the area, make sure that work zone equipment has been set up sufficiently. 


18 June 2020

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