Maximizing The Cooling Your Home Enjoys From Its Air Conditioning System

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Cooling a home during the hottest part of the summer can be one of the most important steps in keeping the house a comfortable place for your family. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to get the best cooling results for their homes as a result of failing to properly understand the intricacies of modern air conditioning systems. 

Consider The Limitations Of Evaporation Based Systems

Evaporation based air conditioning systems can be very common in climates that are hot and arid. This is due to the fact that these systems will rely on the action of water evaporating to cool the air that the system is circulating. Unfortunately, this will prevent these systems from being effective for homes that are located in areas that have high humidity. In fact, these systems may actually make homes in these climates less comfortable as they can increase the humidity inside the house. Rather, those that live in humid environments will find that traditional air conditioning systems can be a more effective option as they will both cool and lower the humidity level inside the home.

Utilize Zoned Cooling To Allow For Greater Efficiency And Comfort

Reducing the amount of energy that the air conditioning system is using should always be a primary concern given that these are among the most costly appliances to operate in terms of electrical usage. One way to reduce the amount of power that these systems are needing is to install a zoned cooling system. These systems can provide homeowners with flexibility in setting the temperature for the various areas of the home so that the amount of energy spent on cooling unoccupied areas will be kept as low as possible.

Use Duct Boosters For The Furthest Sections Of The Home

The furthest areas of the home can be difficult for your central air conditioning system to cool as the air being blown into the ducting may lose momentum before it reaches these areas. Preventing this problem will be necessary if you are to keep these areas of the home cool during the hot summers. Fortunately, duct boosters can be installed that are essentially small fans that will increase the speed of the air moving through the vent. By positioning these boosters along the interior of the ducting, you can increase the velocity of any air that the HVAC is blowing into the ducting without needing to invest in upgrading the entire air conditioning system in order to keep these areas comfortable.

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8 July 2020

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