3 Advantages Of A Poured Concrete Foundation

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When it comes to installing a foundation for your home, you have a few options. One of the options for your home is a poured concrete foundation. Poured concrete foundations have been popular now for years because of the many advantages that a poured concrete foundation can offer.


Termites can easily tear through a home and devastate it. If you live in an area where termites are known to be present, you should take every possible step when building your home to keep the termites away from your home.

One way to keep the termites away from your home is to start with a strong foundation that termites cannot deal with. Termites cannot eat through a poured concrete foundation, meaning that your home is protected from termites from the bottom. As some termites like to dig through the soil to get to their next target, a poured concrete foundation will protect your home from the underside. It will stop termites in their tracks. 


There is no denying that the threat from fires has been increasing in recent years, going from a rural threat to more of an urban threat. A concrete foundation is fire-resistant and is just one building choice you can make that will help make your home stronger in the face of a fire.

A poured concrete foundation offers more fire protection than a hollow-core concrete block foundation. It is one of the strongest fire protection foundations you can install in your new home. It is important to protect your home from the ground up when fires are a concern where you live. 


Next, a poured concrete foundation is strong. A poured concrete foundation can support the weight of an entire home with ease. In addition, it can withstand supporting that weight for decades. You do not have to worry about your foundation crumbling or sinking or shifting when you install a strong poured concrete foundation.

If you pair your poured concrete foundation with poured cement walls, your home will be extra strong. Poured walls are much stronger than concrete blocks and many other building materials and will complement your poured concrete foundation.

If you want to have a strong base for your home that is termite and fire-resistant and has the strength and durability to support your home for decades, you should consider installing a poured concrete foundation for your home. Talk to a concrete company today about concrete foundation services for your new home. 


28 July 2020

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