A Look At The Advantages Of Drone Surveying Used In Conjunction With Traditional Land Surveying

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The modern-day land surveyor may come along with a piece of equipment that can come as a surprise to some property owners: a drone. Aerial drone surveying is rapidly becoming an integral part of this industry. Here is a look at some of the advantages. 

Drone surveying allows for the land to be surveyed in difficult to access environments. 

on some properties, there are points that are practically impossible to access by foot or vehicle. For example, if a property's boundary line runs along the top of a rock cliff, it can be hard for a surveyor to get accurate readings. A drone can fly just about anywhere to capture imagery and data, which means properties previously surveyed improperly due to lack of accessibility can be surveyed. 

Drone surveying allows for the production of detailed cadastral maps. 

Cadastral maps are essentially land-survey maps. Once the surveying is completed, these maps are used to make notations on the deed and may be recorded at public agencies for future reference. The aerial imagery captured by a drone makes it possible to create cadastral maps that are far more in-depth, detailed, and high-quality. 

Drone surveying allows the land survey process to be completed much more rapidly. 

When a land surveyor steps onto a property to complete a survey, they could potentially spend hours, if not days, gathering all the imagery and data they need. The surveyor usually has to get to several different points on the property and visually examine several aspects of the property, and this can take a substantial amount of time. With an aerial drone available for help, the surveyor does not have to physically g to the different property points; they can send the drone out instead, which can be far more time-efficient. Within just a few short hours a drone can capture tons of footage and readings to be used in the project. 

Drone surveying helps thwart some of the risks for the land surveyor. 

Even though you do not hear about it a lot, professionals who perform general land surveying can face many risks in their daily jobs. From trying to navigate with equipment to hard to reach points on a piece of property to traipsing through previously uncharted parts of a property, many risks are involved. With a drone to use alongside with other skills and equipment used in the field, the surveyor's job is much safer than usual and does not pose as many physical challenges.  


29 July 2020

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