Garage Door Repairs And Maintenance

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For many homes, the garage can be an important area of the property due to its ability to store cars as well as other items that may be periodically needed. To make accessing the garage door as easy as possible, many homes will utilize an automated opener that can allow the property owner to raise or lower the door by only pushing a button.

Inspect The Weather Stripping Along The Joints Of The Doors

Garage doors will typically be made using a series of planks or panels that are segmented. This can allow the door to raise and lower while needing as little space as possible. Unfortunately, there may be a gap between these panels, and this can allow for drafts to develop. To prevent this, your garage door will utilize a series of weatherstripping panels that can be applied to these small gaps to prevent air from passing through them. Over time, this weather stripping can break down or generally become less effective. Periodically check the condition of your garage door's weatherstripping so that you will know whether it is still in good condition or approaching the point of needing to be replaced.

Avoid Letting The Sensors Become Dirty

One mistake that people will make with their garage door systems is failing to keep them clean. Dust can be very prominent in the garage, which can make it likely that it will collect on many of the garage door components. If the dust collects on the system's safety sensors, it could lead to these components failing to work. Luckily, cleaning the sensors will be relatively simple as you can just use a damp microfiber cloth to remove the dust from them. When doing this maintenance, be careful to avoid moving the sensors as this could throw off their alignment and prevent them from working as intended.

Know When It Is Time To Replace The Opener

The opener for your garage door can be one of the most complicated components of your entire home as it will be a very powerful mechanical device. Not surprisingly, it will wear down over time, and this will eventually lead to it needing to be replaced. Understanding the potential warning signs that the opener is approaching the end of its lifespan can allow you to replace it before your home suffers a complete failure of its garage door opener. Among the warning signs that may alert you to this risk will be the opener making strange sounds or opening the door in an uneven manner.

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12 August 2020

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