Problems Your Plumber May Find When Your Water Heater Doesn't Make As Much Hot Water As It Should

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You probably take your water for granted until you suddenly have a problem, such as running out of hot water too soon while you take a shower. Plumbing problems that interfere with your ability to take a relaxing hot bath or invigorating shower are frustrating, and they may signal the need for plumbing repairs. Here are some problems your plumber might find that cause your hot water to run out too soon.

The Water Heater Has Too Much Sediment

Sediment in your water falls out inside the water tank and builds up over time. If you have hard water, scale and minerals build up faster than if you have a water softener installed. Besides minerals from hard water, particulates such as sand and rust can accumulate in the tank. If you get your water from a well, you might need to add a filter to keep sand and silt out of your plumbing.

Once your water heater has a problem with sediment, the water may not heat up as well. Plumbers can often fix this problem by just flushing out the heater so the sediment is carried out with the water. If sediment is a problem, you might need to flush out your water heater on a regular basis so you continue to have as much hot water as you need.

Your Heater Can't Keep Up With Your Demands

If your plumber doesn't find an obvious cause for your lack of hot water, they may ask about changes in your household. If you've gotten a new roommate or made other changes that have increased your demand for hot water, you may find your old water heater can't keep up. If your heater is too old or too small to keep up with your demand for hot water, the water may not heat up fast enough or the hot water may run out too soon and leave you with cold showers.

The solution to this problem might be to have a new water heater installed that has a larger capacity. If you don't want to invest in a new heater yet, you may need to stagger your use of hot water throughout the day until you're ready to get a new water heater put in. Also, the plumber might recommend using low-flow showerheads and wrapping the hot water pipes in insulation. Taking steps to conserve water and heat might stretch out your hot water so it doesn't run out so fast.

Several parts can wear out and cause your water heater to malfunction. Your plumber may need to troubleshoot the tank and test various parts to find the problem. Many times, a faulty water heater can be repaired, but when your water heater is old and needs to be replaced anyway, your plumber might recommend getting a new heater rather than put your money toward repairs. Reach out to a plumber like one at Countryside to discuss your needs. 


8 November 2021

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