Home Decks, Patios, And Porches: How To Repair And Maintain To Save For The Future

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Home decks, patios, and porches have moved beyond the simple barebones outdoor wooden surfaces. Today, you can easily have elaborate designs made from brick pavers or decking materials that are attractive and private. Whatever material you choose for your outdoor patio will require regular maintenance. As it ages, repairs are also going to be an important part of upkeep, and the following information will help:

Cleaning, Caulking, and Reseal the Wood

Most decks are made of wood, and many have to be resealed and recaulked every few years to keep water and moisture from causing damage to the wood.

Before you begin the process of cleaning and sealing, you first have to remove dirt, grime, and other discoloration that are often found on deck surfaces. A pressure washer is an effective tool for removing such matter as long as it has an adjustable nozzle. Use a stiff brush or broom to get into seams and corners that might otherwise be missed by the pressure washer stream.

Look for damaged areas that need repair work before you start cleaning your deck. If there are any bad spots, now is the time to make repairs. If you're not sure what needs repairing, consult with a professional.

Repair Rusted Screws and Flanges

The most important part of a deck is the fasteners that hold it together. These fasteners typically consist of screws and flanges (or plates) that are made of metal. Over time, if the deck isn't properly maintained, these metal parts can start to rust. This rusting process reduces the structural integrity of the fasteners and also makes it very easy for them to become loose.

How do you know if your deck's fasteners are rusted? One telltale sign is that you'll see rust stains on the wood surrounding where the fastener used to be. But more importantly, when you try to tighten down a rusted screw or flange, it will feel loose compared to a non-rusted one.

Fix Broken, Loose, or Warped Boards

Loose broken and warped decking boards are other problems that need to be dealt with. You might be able to use screws to tighten the boards back down if the damage is minor. Sometimes, these issues are due to decay and rot. If there is rot on some of the wood on your deck, you should have a repair service fix the issue. They can also inspect other deck structural components to ensure they are holding up as they should.

Even with proper upkeep, your deck or porch is eventually going to need some repairs. Contact a deck repair service to get the help you need dealing with these issues.  


31 January 2022

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