Have a Well Water System On Your Property? 4 Maintenance Needed To Keep It In Good Condition

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If you use a well water system on your property, there is maintenance that must be done. If it is not, you will have bad drinking water and the well water system will start to have problems and not provide you with water. To prevent these things from happening, keep reading for four maintenance tips. 

Check for Mechanical Problems

You should consider hiring a professional to check and test your water well system at least once a year or less. They will check the system for mechanical problems. These problems can get much worse if not repaired in time. Mechanical problems are difficult for someone to check on their own as they are not easily seen by looking at the pump.

Clean the System

You need to have your well water system cleaned regularly. If not clean, a contractor can clean the system for you. This is important because if it is not clean, there could be contaminants in the water that will make you sick. This includes things like nitrites, nitrates, coliform bacteria, and more.

Test the Water

Hire a professional to service and test the well water regularly. This may be once a year or more. The contractor can tell you how often this should be done. Call them if you and/or family members have gastrointestinal problems often, such as upset stomach, diarrhea, throwing up, or stomach pain. Also, if you notice a change in the water when it comes to odor or taste, or if the water is a different color. All these signs mean there is a problem with the well water system and must be repaired by a professional. The contractor may test the water on their own or send the water to an extension office to have it tested. 

Inspect the Pump

Inspect the pump on your well water system periodically. If you do not know where the pump is located, ask a contractor to show you. if you see any type of corrosion or other damage this can be caused by many things. The pump parts may be corroded, or the pump may be running at a high operating temperature. Also, pumping sediment or abrasive sand can cause problems with the pump. Fortunately, a well water system contractor can repair the pump for you or replace it if they see that the problems are severe.

Contact a well water system contract company (for instance, Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning) who can give you information about other maintenance tips that should be done on a well water system. 


1 April 2022

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