Need To Move Your Equipment? Obtain Rigging Services Soon

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If you need to move backhoe loaders, boom lifts, and other heavy-duty equipment to a new construction site soon, contact a rigging company for services today. A rigging company can use rigging services to safely prepare your equipment for transport. Here's more info about rigging companies and how they can prepare your equipment for transport below.

How Do Rigging Companies Help Customers?

Many companies that work in construction and transportation rely on rigging companies to help them prepare their large or heavy-duty equipment and other structures for transport or installation. Rigging companies use various tools and equipment to complete their job assignments, including hoists and cranes. Companies also use straps, safety harnesses, lines, and cables to carry out their customers' orders. 

Rigging companies generally assess their customers' needs before they offer services to them. The assessment helps a company determine what types of rigging tools, methods, and equipment to use to prepare and/or install their customers' equipment properly. Rigging companies often visit their clients' construction or worksites directly to complete the assessments. The visits eliminate errors that may occur during jobs, such as using the wrong hoists or cables to move equipment. 

If you need to prepare and/or install your equipment soon, contact a rigging company for the services you need now.

What Type of Rigging Services Do You Need?

The first thing a rigging company may do after they arrive to your site is run an assessment on your equipment. If possible, place your equipment out in the open or in an easy-to-access location on your worksite. You want to a company to have full access to your equipment during the inspection. 

After the assessment, a company will choose the most effective way to prepare each piece of your equipment for transport. A company needs to ensure each piece of your equipment stays safe during the preparations. If a company uses the wrong rigging methods for your equipment, they may inadvertently damage it. 

For example, a rigging company may use steel cables and wires to move your smallest equipment and cranes or hoists to lift your heaviest equipment. The equipment's size, weight, and overall dimensions may determine the rigging method used for it. 

If you need to reinstall your equipment after it arrives to its destinations, a rigging company will complete the task for you. However, you must inform a company about the services before they leave your worksite.

Learn more about rigging and how to obtain it for your company by contacting a construction equipment supply company today.


22 June 2022

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