Signs You Need New Gutters

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Most people don't appreciate their gutter systems, yet they are responsible for directing water away from the house. Were it not for your gutters, rainwater could have caused significant damage to your paint and walls. With that said, you'll need to ensure that your rain gutters are always in good shape. If not, have them replaced. Here are the indicators that your rain gutters need to be replaced.

Cracked Gutters

Cracks in your gutters are a clear sign that they are aging. Cracked gutters cannot protect your house from water damage as rainwater will find its way through the cracks. While you might not notice small cracks, large cracks are hard to miss. You can easily spot them when it's not raining. While you can repair individual cracks, you might need to replace your gutters if cracks are widespread.

Aging Gutters

An old gutter system can ruin the aesthetics of your home. You can imagine a house whose exterior and roof look appealing, but the gutters look rusty or are covered with mold. That home will definitely look ugly. So, if your gutters are starting to show signs of old age, don't hesitate to replace them. Such gutters will not only ruin the appearance of your home but will also present a host of problems, including leaks.

Sagging Gutters

Sagging is another common sign your gutters are past it. Fortunately, you can quickly notice sagging gutters by simply looking at them. They'll have major bends on several spots. Besides, the gutters will look like they are separating from the roof. In most cases, gutters will bend due to poor installation, old age, or debris accumulation. A roofing expert should determine the cause and recommend solutions. But if it turns out that the sagging can't be solved, you'll have to get a new gutter system.

Rodents and Pests

Rodents and pests will always hang around places that have enough food. So, if you see birds, rats, and other pests hanging around your gutters, call your roofing contractor to do an inspection. However, you shouldn't be surprised that the pests use your gutters as their nests, and they have food stored in the gutters. In that case, you might have to bring down the entire gutter system and install a new one.


If you have metallic gutters on your home, you have to be on the lookout for rust. Metallic gutters are bound to rust since they are constantly exposed to water. While the gutters will continue working, it's good to have them replaced before they shatter or break.

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7 July 2022

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