3 Questions To Ask Potential Roofers

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No matter how much you wish for it to, your roof isn't going to last forever. Even the most long-lived roof will need to be replaced at some point. When it's time for you to replace your roof, you need to find a roofer to do the work. When looking for a roofer, you should ask them questions before hiring them. That will help you find the roofer who will do the best job for you. 


One of the things that you should ask the roofer about is if they have references that you can see. These references should be from people who have had that roofing contractor work for them. Ask to see pictures, especially before and after images. You can also check out their reviews online to see if they are in line with the roofer's references and testimonials. 


Some roofing contractors will specialize in certain kinds of roofing. If you want to have that particular kind of roof, you will need to find a contractor who works on that roof. For example, if you want a slate roof, you don't want to hire a roofer who doesn't do a lot of slate roofs. Check with the contractor to see if they specialize in slate roofs, and then consider working with that roofer. 

Environmental Friendliness

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint and how eco-friendly you are, you want your roof to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Ask the roofing contractor what the most eco-friendly roofing materials are. Your potential roofer may suggest things like a metal roof since metal is infinitely recyclable, and your roof can be made of 100% recycled metal, which will keep that metal out of the waste stream and help lower the need for new metal ore to be dug out of the ground. Asking about environmental friendliness can also include asking about how the roof can help keep your utility bills down. Metal roofs can have applied coatings that will help keep your roof from absorbing the heat from the sun. That will keep your cooling bills down. 

Before you hire a roofing contractor to replace or repair your roof, ask them a few questions. Their answers will give you a lot of information, which will help you make the final decision. You need a contractor you can count on and one who will do the best possible job on your roof.  

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25 August 2022

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