Garage Door Opener Getting Older? 2 Problems That May Happen

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If you have a garage, a garage door opener is a must-have device. It saves so much time and makes your life easier when opening and closing the garage door. If your opener is older, however, it may start having problems soon. Below are two of these problems so you can decide if you should repair it or replace it with a new one. 

Not Responding

If the garage door opener is not responding at all when you press the button, this could be due to it being out of range. It must be close enough to the antenna in order to work properly. The average range for a garage door opener is around 50 feet or less. Refer to the owner's manual to see what the range is for your model of garage door opener. If this is not the case, look at the antenna inside the garage to ensure it hangs downward and that the antenna is not bent or damaged. If so, the antenna can be replaced to repair this problem. 

Try to open or close the garage door using the wall switch that is hardwired inside the garage. If the wall switch functions properly, the garage door opener may need batteries. If the garage door opener is still not responding you can reprogram it to reset it. How this is done depends on the model you have. Consult the instruction manual for information or you can find the information online. 

Garage Door Reverses

If you open a garage door and it reverses without touching the floor, this can be caused by different things. Look at the bottom or side of the garage door opener and you will see an adjustment screw. This screw is what controls how forcefully the door closes when you press the button. Once it is fully closed the motor automatically switches off. Because your door is not reaching the floor before it starts to open again the close force setting may need to be adjusted. How this is done depends on the make and model of your garage door opener so refer to the owner's manual for instructions. 

If the rollers inside the garage have any damage or rust on them, this creates friction. This then fools your garage door opener into stopping before it closes completely. The rollers are at the top of the garage and are what the garage door rolls on. Look at them to see if you see any damage. If so, you need to contact a garage door repair company as this can be dangerous to repair.

If your garage door opener is still not working, take it to a garage door opener repair company. They can determine the problem and repair it for you. 

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12 September 2022

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