Walk-In Tubs—Safe, Functional, And Therapeutic

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A walk-in tub provides safety and comfort while bathing. Someone who is recovering from an injury or who has mobility issues can benefit by upgrading a standard tub to a walk-in model. 

Tub Types

Walk-in tubs will all feature a door and a low threshold. This type of tub may contain recessed seating, which consists of a bench seat or a bucket seat. Tubs may be designed for soaking or a combination of soaking and showering. Some walk-in models may contain advanced features, including jets and a temperature gauge. The tub length of a walk-in product is usually comparable to the dimensions of a standard tub.

The height of a walk-in tub may be considerably different, however. A tub that is designed to provide hydrotherapy benefits may feature wall jets. The jets will be placed at levels where an end user can feel the water pressure coming into contact with their back. This will necessitate taller tub walls.

A contractor can guide a homeowner in choosing a tub style. If a bariatric person is going to be using a walk-in tub, for instance, they may need a larger tub style. A deluxe model could be longer and wider than a standard tub. The doorway to this type of tub may be wider than a standard model's door.


Installing a walk-in tub will require that a bathroom is partially or fully renovated, depending upon the current layout of the bathroom and the manner in which a homeowner would like the new tub to be set up. A homeowner may be interested in having the flooring within the bathroom upgraded or having new tiling installed around the walk-in tub. This will necessitate more installation steps and could reflect upon how long it takes for a project to be completed.

Tub models may feature a standard draining feature or a quick draining feature. A tub that contains a shower attachment will allow a user to remain seated in the tub while it drains but still remain warm. They can use a handheld shower to apply warm water to their body while they are waiting for the tub to drain.

If a homeowner purchases a walk-in model that will require a lot of water to fill it, they may want to upgrade their hot water heater to one of a larger size. All of the essentials necessary for acquiring a new tub that will be satisfying will be explained by the contractor who will be installing the tub.

Contact a local walk-in tub installation service to learn more. 


9 November 2022

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