Do You Need A New Shingled Roof?

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Do you need a new shingled roof? Do you need a residential shingle roof installation done on your home, or to have your home re-shingled? You can have shingles put back on your home over your existing shingles if your existing shingles are in relatively good repair and they do not have shingles underneath them already. This is a great way to save money on your roofing investment and protect your roof from continued damage. 

You can get a residential shingle roof installation done by a roofing professional and the roofing solution should last for several years once installed. How much your shingle roof installation will cost will be determined by several factors, including how large your roof is and if any other repairs are needed in addition to having shingles put on. You also have to take in the existing shingle removal costs to prepare your roof for new materials. Your roofing contractor will give you a quote for services and you can use this guide to help you determine if you need a residential shingle roof installation done right now or if you can wait.

Your shingles are falling off

Shingles don't last forever, so if you need to have a residential property shingle roof installation done, don't wait. The longer you wait, the more damage your roof can have; you can have lasting rooftop damage if the shingles are missing and exposing your roof to the elements. Make sure you call your residential shingle roof installation specialist as soon as you see shingles on the ground or hanging from your roof. Your roofer should be able to do repairs if your roof is in good condition otherwise, or they may recommend redoing your entire roof.

Your shingles are older

Have you owned your home for years and yet never had the shingles upgraded or replaced? If so, you may be due for a residential shingle roof installation. You should have this work done on your roof so you can have several years of protection for your home and can save money on potential roof repairs in the future. If your shingles are older, speak to your roofing contractor to have your roof replaced with new shingles. Don't try to put shingles on your roof by yourself as this is not a DIY project. Your roofing contractor will work with your budget to help you get a new roof that you can trust to last for years.

Contact a local residential shingle roof installation service to learn more. 


23 November 2022

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