Why You Should Have Your Old Detached Garage Demolished And Things That Affect The Cost

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If you have an old detached garage in your yard, you may wish it was out of your way so you could reclaim your yard or build a new garage. However, dismantling a garage can be dangerous and a lot of work for a DIY project. A better solution is to hire a demolition contractor who can take down the garage fast. Here's why demolishing an old garage is a good idea and a look at what things affect the cost.

Why Demolishing A Garage Is A Good Idea

If your garage is in such bad shape that it's falling apart, it can be a danger to your family. Dismantling a garage that's in bad shape can be dangerous because the roof might cave in while you're working. That's why hiring a demolition company is a better idea.

Even if you don't go in the garage any longer, it's still best to have it demolished so it doesn't become a breeding ground for rats and other pests. Plus, a garage you don't use takes up a large part of your lot. By demolishing the old building, you can put up a new outbuilding, put in a pool, start a garden in the space, or just enlarge your yard.

What Affects The Cost Of Demolishing A Garage

You'll need a permit from the city to demolish a building on your lot. The cost of a permit varies by city, but it will add to the cost of the demolition. You'll also need an engineer to inspect your garage to determine how to take it down safely.

You might also need inspections for lead paint and asbestos. If these hazards are found, which is likely in an old building, you may need to pay extra to remove the asbestos and lead paint without creating a hazard.

Other things that affect the cost include the size of the building and the type of work that has to be done. Busting up the foundation and hauling it away adds to the cost of tearing down a building. If the work can be done with machinery, the cost will probably be less than if you want the building dismantled by hand.

The reason you may want to do that is if the wood is in good enough condition to reclaim and use in another home improvement project or to sell. However, you'll need advice from the demolition contractor about whether it is cost-effective to reclaim wood and sell it or if it's best to tear the entire building down with machinery. For more information on demolition, contact a company near you.


7 December 2022

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