Remodeling Your Kitchen When You Have Kids

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When you remodel a kitchen, you generally do so with your family's needs in mind. So, what does this mean when you have kids? How do you account for their needs (and safety) when working with a builder and designer to remodel your kitchen? Here are a few ideas that should come in handy.

Include an island or other seating space in the kitchen.

You might aspire to have a separate dining room where you all share every meal together as a family. But when you have kids, that's not always the way things go. Sometimes, you'll be in a rush and everyone will want to grab something fast on their way out the door. You may also want to be able to supervise a toddler eating while you're preparing your own breakfast. Design a kitchen with some seating space, and this will be a lot easier. Many people include seating in their kitchen island, but you could plan for a free-standing table if you have the space.

Leave room in top cabinets for breakable and dangerous items.

It's a good idea to sit down and think about which items you want to put in which cabinets. Then, you and your remodeler can design and size the cabinets to accommodate those storage preferences. When you have kids, you'll want a lot of spacious upper cabinets so you can keep anything breakable or dangerous up there, out of reach. This includes knives, breakable china and plates, and anything else sharp like mandolins and pizza cutters.

Choose patterned materials.

When you have kids, keeping the kitchen neat and tidy takes a lot of effort. There may be times you don't get to cleaning or sweeping up as soon as you'd like. In this situation, having patterned materials will help because any mess left behind will be less obvious. For example, if someone spills crumbs on the counter, it will be less obvious on a patterned counter than on a solid black one. This applies to your flooring, too. Look for a floor that is not only patterned but also has a smooth texture and won't "grab on" to crumbs and debris.

When you have kids, it is important to keep their needs in mind as you remodel your kitchen. Use the ideas above, and ask your remodeling team if they have any other advice. They can often share what has worked for other families in your shoes. 

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16 February 2023

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