Foyer, Entryway, Vestibule — What Should Your Home's Entrance Be?

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The entry to your home is its first impression on visitors. But it's also a well-trafficked location which should serve practical purposes. How can you accomplish both aesthetic and practical goals with your new entrance area? Start by determining whether you want an entryway, a foyer, or a vestibule. Here's what you need to know about these in order to decide. 

What Is an Entryway?

Entryways are the least formal and often the smallest type of entrance. Many entryways are small hallways that bridge the front door and the adjacent public rooms. It takes up little space, so you can add it in many layouts. 

Entryways can provide a small spot for people to take off coats, hats, or purses, leave their keys, or drop the mail. They often have little storage and blend almost immediately into the living room or other public areas. 

What Is a Foyer?

Foyers generally need more space to spread out, as they are welcoming areas where people are meant to pause and be greeted or wait to enter farther. They are often seen in homes that have stairs to other levels that begin or end in the foyer. 

The foyer should stand out, rather than simply be utilitarian. Its design and style set up the tone to be found throughout the house. It is often its room, but it may not have actual doors leading to the adjacent spaces. 

What Is a Vestibule?

Vestibules are the least understood type of residential entrance, largely because they fell out of fashion in many architectural schools. This is an actual room into which guests enter through the front door. It often has physical doors to separate it from adjacent spaces. 

Vestibules are more utilitarian than foyers, often providing more storage options and some seating. But they're larger than many entryways and are closed off from the deeper parts of the home. 

Today's vestibules are popular among homeowners as a package delivery area since they can be locked off from the home's interior rooms. You can also keep doors closed to greet people and work with outsiders without inviting them — or giving them a glimpse — into your home. 

Which Is Right for You?

The best entrance for your home depends on your budget, size, layout, design goals, and practical needs. Start finding a fitting choice for your home by meeting with a custom home builder in your area today.


13 April 2023

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